Privacy Policy

TheNewsAddicts know that privacy is essential for their visitors. Here is everything you need to know about what kind of information we get you to visit our website and how we keep your data secure, and we never sell our visitor’s data to any third parties.

Log Files: Like other websites, we keep your data and then use it in log files.

The information we keep in log files includes your IP address, the browser you are using (Opera. Firefox), your internet service provider (Starlinks or AOL), and which pages of our website you visit while visiting our website.

Web Beacons and Cookies: Our website also use cookies like other websites to store data of our visitors, such as your interests in our website when you visit our website. This could be like showing up a pop-up when you visit our website.

You can also see third-party ads on our website that financially support our website. There is a possibility some of our advertisers can use technology like Web Beacons and Cookies when they use to display their ads on our website. These advertisers get your information for the retargeting purpose. They get your IP address, browser, and internet service, provider. They also use this data for geotargeting to show ads according to your location and interests.

We can also use Double Click Dart cookies to serve ads via Google’s Double click.  This keeps a cookie or computer from showing ads according to your interest and taste based on your previous browsing history. It keeps your information related to your interest and preference, not your personal information like e-mail, name, social security number, physical address, credit card, or phone number.

You can also disable these cookies by turning off third-party cookies in your browser’s settings. But this can affect your interaction with our and other websites. Due to turning off third-party cookies, you can face some issues like login into some forums or accounts.

You can also delete these cookies, but this doesn’t mean they are permanently deleted unless you have disabled these cookies in your settings. Whenever you visit a website containing ads, new cookies will be added to your computer. So, your computer will be recognized in the future.